Board of Finance

Origin and Duties of the Board of Finance:   

The Board of Finance was created by TLC's Voters Assembly in February 2008. Composition and responsibilities of the Board are documented in the TLC Bylaws:
1. Shall consist of the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and at least one elected member.
2. Shall annually elect a Chairperson of the Board. Such Chairperson shall serve as a member of the Church Council and as a member of the Executive Committee.
3. Assist Trinity's business office personnel with financial activity.
4. Serve as a point of contact for receiving and distributing financial information.
5. Review and summarize Trinity's Financial Reports.
6. Prepare Trinity's annual operating budget and present the budget at the November Voters Assembly meeting.
7. Coordinate Trinity's annual financial audit and recommend members of an Auditing Committee or person to be approved by the Church Council.
8. Establish and maintain procedures for all Trinity's financial and business activities including a Financial Policies and Procedures manual.
9. Coordinate and summarize preparation of periodic operating expenditure and income forecasts for Trinity.
10. Shall present a monthly report to each Church Council and Voters Assembly meeting.
In addition, the Board of Finance is responsible for management of the Church's administrative budget area including insurance, office equipment and office supplies.  For more information, please contact Gary Buuck, Chair.

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