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Please feel free to contact our school office by telephone or e-mail for general information:

          Telephone  (225) 272-1288


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School Principal 
Harmon Butler
School administration issues
Financial Aid process & status
(225) 272-1288, extension 103
School Secretary 
Jean Miller
Need general information
Report changes in family information
Report student health information
Report student absence
(225) 272-1288, extension 104

Communications & Financial Coordinator 
Shara Frazier
Counting & depositing funds
Keeping accounts current
Sending out e-blasts
School communications of all forms
(225) 272-1288, extension 107
Admissions Counselor
Mikki Richard
Schedule informational tour

Enrollment information & status
        Plus Portals questions
        Submit news and digital photographs
        Grants management
(225) 272-1288, extension 108
 Coordinator of Volunteers
Mikki Richard
        Become involved
Questions about volunteer options
(225) 272-1288, extension 108
Business Manager
        Statement or billing questions
(225) 272-1288 

 Trinity Lutheran Church
         General information
         Discuss concerns
         Spiritual counseling
(225) 272-3110

 Trinity Lutheran Child 
 Development Center

        Early Childhood Education - Infant - Three
(225) 275-9517