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Please feel free to contact our school office by telephone or e-mail for general information:

          Telephone  (225) 272-1288


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School Principal 
Gordon Schamber
School administration issues
Financial Aid process & status
(225) 272-1288, extension 103
School Secretary 
Shara Frazier
Need general information
Report changes in family information
Report student health information
Report student absence
SMART tuition billing
(225) 272-1288, extension 104
Admissions Counselor
Janet Schmieder
Schedule informational tour

Enrollment information & status
        Plus Portals questions
        Website questions
        Submit news and digital photographs
        Grants management
(225) 272-1288, extension 107
 Coordinator of Volunteers
Mikki Richard
        Become involved
Questions about volunteer options
(225) 272-1288, extension 108
SCRIP Coordinator (Gift Card Program)

Help placing or receiving orders

(Gift cards may also be purchased directly from the school office during regular office hours.)
Business Manager
        Statement or billing questions
(225) 272-1288 

 Trinity Lutheran Church
         General information
         Discuss concerns
         Spiritual counseling
(225) 272-3110

 Trinity Lutheran Church Child 
 Development Center

         Childcare of Infants - 3 years
(225) 275-9517