Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for the children is a guide. It provides a framework for planning and organizing the daily routine and play activities for the children.

The daily routines for children may be a little different based on the age of your child.  Infants follow their own biological need.  They are fed, changed, and nap when they need it.

Toddlers and Two's are changed/taken to the toilet before transitions and as needed. Adjustments to the schedule are made as your child gets older and his/her needs change.

You may notice that as your child gets older, he/she may alter her/his own schedule to fit the group.  Some common changes you may notice in your child's behavior after enrollment in any group care situation include altered sleep/wake patterns (staying awake for longer hours or napping more frequently for short periods of time) or changes in appetite.

The daily schedule below is an outline of a typical day with infants and toddlers.  Keep in mind again that, if needed, the schedule will include children's individual needs based on their age.  This is a sample that includes the different types of components to the daily schedule.

Sample Daily Schedule:

7:00-8:30 am Morning Arrivals / Free Play / Outside Play
8:30-9:00 am Diaper Changing / Toileting
9:00-9:30 am Morning Snack
9:30-10:00 am Jesus Time / Circle Time
10:00-10:30 am Outdoor Play / Active Play Time
10:30-11:00 am Daily Class Activity / Art / Centers
11:00-11:20 am Diaper Changing / Toileting
11:20-11:30 am Story Time
11:30-12:00 pm Lunch
12:00-2:30 pm Nap Time
2:30-3:00 pm Wake up / Diaper Changing / Toileting
3:00-3:30 pm Afternoon Snack / Cleanup
3:30-5:00 pm Outdoor / Active Play / Free Play
5:00-6:00 pm Story Time / Free Play / Diaper Changing / Toileting

Chapel and Music on Wednesdays each week at 9:20 am. 

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