Frog Street Press

“Frog Street Pre-K is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines.” This program has been recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a high quality early learning curriculum which “meets all non-negotiable criteria and scored the best possible on all indicators of superior quality.”

The main focuses of the program are:

  • “An extensive integration of theme, disciplines, and domains”
  • An emphasis on Social/Emotional Development includes Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline ®
  • The implementation of differentiated instruction so all children get the most out of every experience
  • A fun filled approached to learning that instills a love of learning in every child

One In Christ Curriculum

Centered on our Savior, Jesus; One in Christ offers a solid Christian curriculum to help young learners be more familiar with the Bible and to grow in their faith.  As the Old and New Testament Bible stories are relayed to children, they grasp the concepts that God created us and loves us, Jesus is our Friend, and we can in turn show our love for Jesus by helping others and in kindness toward our classmates, teachers and all whom we meet.

Using this curriculum as a guide, our teachers follow a play-centered approach to learning that teaches children through hands on experiences. Our role is to prepare children for school by ensuring they are socially, emotionally and academically prepared to learn. You will see this philosophy in action, as your children stretch their skill sets, learn to negotiate with others and master the art of self-regulation.