Greetings from Trinity Lutheran School,

Since 1957, it has been our pleasure and honor to serve families in the Baton
Rouge area by partnering with them in bringing up their children in the
discipline and instruction of the Lord. We have a unique curriculum designed to include Christ in every part of our day while providing a high-quality, traditional education that prepares our students for success in high school and beyond.

Each year, gifts to the Annual Fund help bridge THE GAP—the difference between tuition and the actual cost of educating each student. For the 23–24 school year, THE GAP is $2,857.45 per student. While we ask each supporter to prayerfully consider giving THE GAP, all contributions are vital in allowing us to continue to provide faith-filled direction for children now and for their future Christian lives.

I humbly ask for your support, as a parent and grandparent, teacher, principal, and Trinity Lutheran Church congregation member for over 40 years, to help us reach our goal of $21,000. I have seen firsthand the fruits of investing in a child’s education at TLS—career and job success, faith shown through actions in our community, and baptisms of students and whole families. With your help, our ministry will continue. Below are remarks from a few people who have benefited from our TLS Christian education.

A few ways funds directly support our students:

  • Curriculum updates
  • Extracurricular opportunities
  • Teacher development
  • Technology updates
  • Tuition Assistance

Kari Calhoun

mother of four TLS students and 6th – 8th grade ELA teacher

Trinity Lutheran School has been such a blessing to our family. My children have never been happier. With smaller classes, they have individualized attention to ensure they thrive emotionally, educationally, and most importantly spiritually. God’s Word is present in every aspect of their day. Supporting the Annual Appeal ensures that children are staying connected to God and being made into disciples to serve the Lord now and for the rest of their lives. 

Devon Rosendahl

former student, current 9th grader at Catholic High School

Trinity Lutheran Preschool and then TLS was my home away from home from six weeks old through 8th grade. TLS was  a great experience for me. The best part was having chapel every week and religion class daily. My friends and I were taught God’s story and how we are a part of it every day­—the most important thing we can learn!

Donna Buuck

mother of two graduates and TLC office administrator

Although we were church members at Trinity, my husband Gary and I weren’t really considering TLS for our two young daughters. It was too far from our house, too small, too expensive. We quickly realized it was well worth the drive, the smaller classrooms meant more individual attention by devoted, dedicated teachers, and the cost for a quality private education was minimal. Most importantly, our girls would receive an Education Anchored in Christ. TLS provided the foundation they needed, both academically and spiritually.   

Kristen Marsh

mother of a TLS student and 1st grade teacher

Trinity Lutheran School has been a blessing for our family. My daughter had extreme anxiety when she attended a large public school. Since transferring to TLS, her anxiety has disappeared, she hears God’s Word daily and has meaningful conversations with her peers and teachers. TLS is our extended family, and with your support of the Annual Appeal, our family will grow.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are welcome year-round but must be fulfilled by July 31, 2024. Donor instructions are below. Thank you again for your support of our mission and purpose here at TLS!

We will continue to lift our supporters to our God in prayer and give thanks for you always.

Marinea McGehee, Principal, Trinity Lutheran School

Ways you can help close THE GAP for Trinity Lutheran School students

Please make checks payable to Trinity Lutheran School

  • By mail-Fill out a check in the amount of your donation and write “TLS Annual Fund” in the memo line. Please be sure your name and address on the check are correct—if they are not, enclose a note with the correct donor name and address. Enclose it in an envelope, affix postage stamp, and mail to Attn: Annual Fund, Trinity Lutheran School, 15160 S Harrell’s Ferry Rd, Baton Rouge, LA, 70810.
  • At Trinity worship services- Fill out a check in the amount of your donation and write “TLS Annual Fund” in the memo line. Please be sure your name and address on the check are correct—if they are not, enclose a note with the correct donor name and address. Enclose it in an envelope and place it in the offering tray during worship.
  • Online– Use the button below to enter your donation information. You do not need an account for a one-time donation. Please specify “TLS Annual Fund” in the Notes section.
  • $2,858 will bridge THE GAP for one student
  • $1,000 could cover the cost of updating the religion curriculum for two classes.
  • $500 could fund new Bibles for middle school and first-grade students.
  • $100 could provide current periodicals to one classroom.
  • Every donation supports Lutheran education for Baton Rouge children.

Thank you for your generosity!