Trinity Members Doing Life Together

4TLC is designed to help those in our Trinity family care for one another. The team is currently seeking volunteers in 4 areas of service—meals, receptions, visitation, and home (i.e. chores and maintenance.)


4TLC currently has two meal programs—Plus 1 and Meal Train .

Plus 1–Prepare and freeze meals containing one serving (a protein and two sides) as needed, to be kept at church and distributed by church staff to meet an immediate need for help. Volunteers will be notified of the need to stock the freezer and containers will be provided.

Meal Train– Receive notification when a request for ongoing meal support has been approved. Volunteers for this area will have the ability to select meal slots based on their availability.


Prepare , deliver, and/or serve specific dishes for funeral services held at Trinity.


Spend time with our members who are unable to participate in church life on a regular basis. Visit times will range between 15 minutes and 1 hour and be assigned with respect to your personality and availability.


Lawn care– Upon approval by the Trinity staff, provide as-needed yard maintenance to a care recipient’s home. Arrangements for equipment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.