Revelation Sermon Series- Week 1 Preview


 The Book of Revelation begins with the words, “The revelation of Jesus Christ,” which can literally be translated as, “An unveiling of Jesus Christ.” This book is all about the Christ and His reign in glory (hint, it’s not all about the antichrist). At its core, it is a prophecy of hope (certainty) for the Church then and now as we endure until Jesus’ return – “the ruler of kings on earth, Jesus, is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even though who pierced him” (1:5, 7). In summary, Revelation is the conclusion of the whole Bible. Jesus is “the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth” (1:5). Therefore, we, His Church, can be confident in the times we are in knowing that Jesus is the One who is in control.

This Week’s Verses: Exodus 19:1-9, Revelation 1:1-8, John 5:19-29

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